Saturday, April 29, 2017

Woman with younger boyfriend missing in Belize

A Toronto, Canada woman is missing in Belize along with her younger American boyfriend, a friend says, and search crews have so far failed to turn up any clues indicating where they may be.

Francesca Matus, 52, and her 16 year younger boyfriend, Drew De Voursney, 36, were last seen leaving a bar called Scotty's near Matus's beachfront home in Corozal, about 130 kilometres north of the country's capital.

Matus's friend, Nancy Rifenbark, confirmed to CBC Toronto that she was with Matus and De Voursney at Scotty's, a neighbourhood bar, until about 10:45 p.m. Tuesday.

Matus was scheduled to fly to Canada on Wednesday morning, Rifenbark said. Matus lives in the Greater Toronto Area, but Rifenbark couldn't say exactly where. 

But when another of their friends, Joe Milholen, went to Matus's home to drive her to the airport, she wasn't there.

"It's a huge mystery," Rifenbark said.

Friends of De Voursney have started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money "to use every resource necessary for their safe return."

The page describes De Voursney as a former Marine who served two tours in Iraq and then worked as a contractor in Afghanistan.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Teacher pays student to keep quiet ...hush baby hush

A Texas middle school teacher Thao 'Sandy' Doan has been charged with for allegedly having an affair with a 14 year old male student, who later went on to extort $28,000 from her in exchange for his silence.

According to an arrest affidavit cited by Dallas News, the mother of a 14-year-old boy went to the authorities earlier this month complaining that her son was getting large sums of money from Doan and using the cash to buy alcohol and drugs.

The parent also shared with investigators screenshots of text messages suggesting that her son, a former student at Quintanilla Middle School, had been blackmailing his teacher-turned-lover.

One message allegedly read: ‘Aint b'sing watch ima start getting the pics and everything ready to show the cops. Right i aint playing.’

Police believe the teen forced Sandy Doan to pay him about $28,000 in several cash installments after threatening to tell the authorities about their s.e.x romps.

When interviewed by police, the 27-year-old woman reportedly admitted that she and the 14-year-old had communicated via text messages, on Instagram and on the app Kik before meeting for the first time to have s.e.x at a park in the summer of 2015.

At one point, the teacher allegedly sent the boy a photo of her n.a.ked, reported WFAA via WLS.

The arrest document states that Doan and the boy had several more trysts between November and December 2015. The boy’s uncle told the station WFAA his young nephew seemed 'smitten' with his teacher, whom he later came to regard as his personal 'piggy bank.'

In January 2016, Doan said she began receiving extortion calls from someone she did not know threatening to expose her illicit affair with the student if she refused to pay up.

Despite the unfolding blackmail scheme, Doan said she had s.e.x with the teen again in December 2016.

According to Quintanilla Middle School’s website, Doan teaches sixth grade and works as a soccer and cross country coach.

She has been placed on administrative leave in the wake of her arrest. The student at the center of the alleged extortion plot is not expected to face criminal charges in the case. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Cougars confessions and letters of true love stories

I'm a 41 year old female who has been married for almost 20 years, have two small children.  My husband has been distant and not interested in me or our children and been doing his own thing.  I felt so lonely and s.e.xually unfullfilled when I met an amazing young man.  He is only 18, but emotionally very mature, tall, dark handsome, an athlete, and he approached me, saying that he had always had a thing for older women.  We had s.e.x once, he was so nervous even though he is experienced s.e.xually.  Now Im in great shape, but I could hardly believe that someone this goodlooking was nervous having s.e.x with me.  He was soo embarrassed that it only lasted about 2 minutes but I reassured him that it was fine.  We stayed in bed for more than two hours, just talking.  It was the most amazing conversation.  I don't know what will happen, he has not been in touch with me, maybe because he feels I wasn't impressed with him s.e.xually.  He gave me the most tender, passionate, deep kiss before he left, but not a word from him in over three weeks.  I should just let it go, but I miss him.

i am a woman age 47 in love with a 26 year old man.  never in my wildest dreams would i have thought this would occur.  i am very conservative and had no intentions of seeing a younger man, let alone consider marrying him.  Well, after he pursued me for over a year I gave in and agreed to date him.  Honestly, he is beautiful; caring, attentive, sweet, kind, hard working and together we work great.  We talk...really talk...he listens as well as remembers.  He has no issues with the age difference...I am the one who held back or wold freeze up in public.  Overtime, I got over it.  That is when our relationship bloomed and after 2 years, we are getting married.  What can i say.  unexpected, wonderful, and we're going for it.  I am unable to have children and he is fine with that.  I'm peaking in my career and he is just starting out...which works for us financially and practically...we joke that while i am carrying the load now he will be supporting me in my retirement. This is the most mature healthy relationship i have had, it feel right, and i would not change a single day. Do what is right in your heart...hey...we're not getting any younger.  ^.^  

I get called a cougar but I've not chased anyone young, they come after me. Everyone I have been out with has never felt young to me. I've always felt like we're just 2 people getting along and having a nice time. And they spoil me :)
My ex was abusive and it was all blamed on his depression. He was often the most childish id**t I have ever known so perhaps I don't notice any signs of immaturity in the men I've seen because they all seem grown up compared to what I am used to?
Every man has the ability to act very un-grown-up so I'm not sure age is always an important measure of maturity. There are 50 year olds who get totally pissed and look the fool and there are 23 year olds who don't even drink alcohol.
The guy I like has a proper job, own house & car etc. He doesn't drink or smoke. He is educated and very witty. He is caring when I have had an upset and very childish (in a nice way) when he is trying to make me laugh. My ex couldn't even get himself out of bed in the morning or hold down a job. This new guy feels more like a mature man to me than my ex who was 15 years older.
I am thinking now that age does not matter apart from the wanting to have children part. Which may be the problem I am facing :( 

I posted some months boyfriend is 28. I am 47. I have thought and thought and thought. I waited a life time for this man. I love his smile, his sense of humor.,..his beautiful blue eyes. No different than I would a man my own age. I've been a man older than I...and you know what?? I was still his mother...not old enough to be his mother....but, had to play the role just the same. As well as being a mother to his children. No more. I will do what makes me happy. I will be with the man that loves ME, and loves my little boy..age be damned. He respects me in a way that no man of my own age ever has. I'll take the stares, and the whispering behind my back. For real's worth it.

I'm a 48 yr young woman in excellent shape most people think I'm 38, he is 26. We have known each other as strictly friends for 3 yrs and we know now that we have always been very attracted to each other (he explains it as weak in the knees or drunk feeling). We did not act on it until 5 months ago because his mom is my sisters best friend and I too am very close to her. I am falling in Love with him!!! I am very torn about this situation on one hand I feel I need to let him go and let him find some young girl to Love, Marry, and have kids with thats only fair right???? On the other hand I want him for the rest of my life to love and cherish. It tears me up daily we are so good together, we make each other happy, we laugh, we act silly, we have deep hours long conversations, we have AMAZING s.e..x.  I understand him he understands me we can be totally honest with each other!! Just not the rest of the world because I am sooooo afraid of losing his mom as a friend and he is afraid of what my family will think of him (mostly my nephew who is only 5 yrs younger and they are good friends too)....I'm so torn I know what I should do but my heart doesn't want to!!! 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Instagram message leads to relationship

A Houston middle school teacher who police say had a long term relationship with a thirteen year old former student and who was impregnated by him, turned herself in to Police. The strange thing about this relationship is, the parents of the student appeared to be okay with it, and even let the boy stay with Vera overnight.

Court documents allege she was introduced to his family as the boy's girlfriend, and the woman said that his parents supported the relationship and invited her to family gatherings. She reportedly said she told a school district investigator the family was "very supportive and excited" when she disclosed her pregnancy. She allegedly said she and the boy "love each other."

The whole thing has been highly destructive to Vera's life, and it's hard to say why, given that the boy and his parents both consented and approved, and Vera was a willing participant.

Both the teacher and the boy are Hispanic, which is important since in traditional Mexican culture, teenagers are allowed to have relationships, and couples where the woman is older than the man are commonplace and not denigrated.

Vera said the relationship began in September, and said she and the 13-year-old were in love. This according to court documents obtained by the Houston Chronicle.

Vera told Aldine school district police that she met the boy in 2015, during summer school. The boy asked for her Instagram name, which she says initially she refused to give him. He later found her, and she rejected his "friend" request.

When school resumed in the fall, Vera said the boy flirted with her and made comments that were "unprofessional." The student eventually asked if they could "hang out" and she agreed. Vera told police when she picked up the boy, they would kiss in the car and later had sex at his parents' house, with the boy's parents full knowledge and consent.

She met the boy's parents at a school open house in October, then went drove the boy to his home. He introduced her as his girlfriend to the parents, new immigrants who completely accepted the relationship as they would have in their native Mexico, according to the documents.

Documents state the sexual encounters continued on an almost daily basis. Vera told police that the boy often spent the night at her apartment, and that she'd drive him home in the morning so he could catch the bus.

She told police that she became pregnant in January and that the family was supportive and excited about the baby, documents state.

She said she decided to have an abortion after Child Protective Services showed up at the school in February to ask about her relationship with the boy. She later denied the pregnancy and the relationship to CPS. It is ironic that the only real victim in this story, is Vera's unborn baby.

Vera voluntarily gave her phone to officials, in order to prove that messages the couple exchanged, supported Vera's story.

Neighbors told KHOU-TV that teenage boys were often at Vera's home in Spring, where she lived with her young daughter.

In a statement from Aldine ISD provided to the Chronicle, district officials said Vera was immediately fired in April and placed on administrative leave after allegations were made.

"Aldine ISD police investigated the incident and turned their findings over to the Harris County district attorney's office," the statement reads. "The safety and security of Aldine ISD's students and staff remains a priority of the school district."

Stovall Middle School made headlines in 2014 when a teacher was accused of giving a student a lap dance on his birthday. She was ultimately sentenced to probation. The boy was sentenced to five years of hand slaps from his male student colleagues.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Be quiet or else you could get in trouble

A Pennsylvania, USA woman is going to locked up for having LOUD  S..E..X.. . On March 21, 2016 police were called and responded to reports that the neighbor, 25-year-old Amanda Warfel, was “loudly fornicating and banging around her bedroom to the degree that the "victim’s" dresser and her own bed shook,” according to an the report. Tanya Saylor told police she asked Warfel to quiet down because her teenage daughters had school in the morning, but she said the woman screamed at them through a common wall and became even louder.

The victim Mrs Saylor claims her family put up with the neighbor from hell for two years and “should have started calling the police a year ago.”

Saylor claims Miss Warfel would describe what was happening so loudly her Saylor's daughters could hear. She said she’d hand her daughters headphones to wear as they went to bed. Saylor said “we gave her a full year of trying to do it the right way,” meaning that rather than involve the authorities, she tried talking to Warfel and her grandmother, to no avail.

Things crescendoed in January when Saylor’s eldest daughter needed to spend 10 days isolated in her room following cancer treatment. Miss Warfel behaved like a crazed rabbit having S..e.x. “nonstop, making sure that my daughter heard,” Saylor said.

“They don’t sleep well at night,” said Saylor, who is white but whose husband is black. “There’s constantly inappropriate things that go on in her bedroom.” Saylor said she’s tried talking to Warfel and her grandmother for months about the noise, but she called police after the dispute escalated.


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