Wednesday, January 26, 2011

teen boy molested by Mother and Daughter... weird...

A mother and daughter in Arizona are accused of sexually abusing a teenage boy for three years and police say the pair did it without knowing about each other’s relationship with him.
The mother, 48-year-old Susan Brock, allegedly met the boy when he was 13 and continued for three years until this past October, police said. Her daughter, Rachel, now 21 has been alleged to have sent him nude photos and videos of herself between 2007 and 2008.
The alleged victim, now 17, told cops Susan Brock would pick him up after school in her car and take him to secluded areas where she molested the boy, police said.
The teen's parents contacted police after they learned of steamy text messages reportedly exchanged between their son and Susan Brock. The teen told police he had been meeting Brock for sexual trysts since he was 14.

Susan Brock is accused of picking the unidentified boy up from his home or school, and committing as many as 30 sexual acts in her car, her home, her mother's home and secluded areas of the city. The acts included masturbatory conduct and oral sex; in other instances, Brock allegedly used three vibrating massagers to stimulate the boy's penis to the point of ejaculation. No actual intercourse took place. The alleged affair was uncovered when family friends intercepted messages on the boy's iPod Touch that included references to sex acts and the discovery of a relationship between the victim and Brock. The friends told the teen's parents; in turn, the victim and his parents contacted police on Friday October 22nd.

Oh, and get a load of this. The New Times tells us that the boy's teenage girl friend got dragged into it, too. Because the girl friend's parents forbade their daughter from seeing the victim, Susan Brock set up meetings between the two kids, where she provided them with condoms and let them have sex at her house, presumably when her husband wasn't home.

During that time, the victim says, he and Brock had up to 30 sexual encounters that included "masturbatory contact and oral sex." In other instances, the victim told police Brock used "at least three vibrating massagers to stimulate his penis to the point of ejaculation on numerous occasions."

Obviously, a sexual relationship between a 48-year-old woman and a teenage boy needs to be kept under wraps, so Brock allegedly would pick up the boy from his school or house, drive to a remote location, put the seats in the car down, and do the deed.

Before picking him up, Brock allegedly told the victim to tell his parents that he was "going jogging" so they wouldn't suspect anything.

In other instances, the victim says, Brock would take him to her house where the two would have sex.

In addition Brock would sometimes take the boy to her mother's house for sex and even set up meetings between the two kids, where she provided them with condoms and let them have sex at her house.



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