Friday, February 11, 2011

Susan Brock paid the boy to touch him ?

In a recently released report, the unnamed teen indicates that the encounters were always against his will, and that when he would try to end the relationship, Brock would threaten him and threaten to kill herself.

The victim added the first time Brock had sexual contact with him, she drove them to a secluded street in Chandler and said: "She crawled over the front seat to the back seat where she pulled my shirt up and took my pants off and started touching me." He was 14, a freshman in high school, when Brock started driving him to remote locations where she would masturbate him until he ejaculated.

Over time, he says she would ask him to kiss her and touch her, but he refused, stating to police he "didn't like the idea of what was going on. She's older than me and not supposed to be doing that."

The parents of the victim's high school girlfriend would not let him spend time with her, but Brock would secretly arrange times and locations where the two teens could meet and have s.e.x, including Brock's car, her house, and her mother's house.

But Brock would always threaten that if the victim stopped pleasing her, she would no longer help him be with his girlfriend. The teen boy estimated that he and Brock mutually performed sex acts 20 times over the years, and she would pay him $100 dollars each time.

In an e-mail uncovered by detectives, the victim described the relations with Susan Brock as his darkest secret, and that he could not see (his girlfriend) unless "I played by her rules and I was afraid..."

In his first encounter he said Brock gave him a "hand job" and "asked me to kiss her and she would ask why don't you look at me? Would you ever kiss me?" He told detectives he did not want to look at her because he "didn't like the idea of what was going on." He said on later encounters, when he was not aroused, "She's bringing in vibrators and stuff like that."

Atleast three vibrators were presumed to be used. The victim drew for detectives what one of the vibrators looked like and police were able to seize the massager in their search of the Brock home.

The report details sexual encounters in Brock's Lexus, the Brock home, a rental home and Susan Brock's mother's house.

He told detectives Brock would often give him $100 after their sexual encounters. She also allegedly gave him iPhones, an iPod and an iPad.

“Under what's known as Accommodation Syndrome with sex crimes, it is common to see patterns whereby adult child predators will present gifts, money, toys, something of that nature in order to garner sexual favors,” said defense attorney and s.e.x crimes expert David Michael Cantor. Read more about sexual conduct with a minor at David's website .

As detectives questioned the victim he said at one point he was unable to see his girlfriend and asked Susan Brock to help. She agreed saying, "only if you let me do what I usually do."

He told detectives the last encounter happened the first week of October 2010.

The victim detailed how Brock drove him in her Lexus to a secluded spot by Chandler airport, where she removed her clothing including her "temple garments" until she was naked. Brock is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She had shaven her pubic area and asked if she could "use a pink 'dildo' while she performed oral sex on him." When he thought she sensed him wanting to leave, he said she pushed him back down as she performed oral sex on the boy while using a pink vibrator on herself. The boy, the report shows, ejaculated on Brock's exposed chest -- the same part of the body those "Temple garments" are intended to conceal.

In total, Brock had at least three vibrators she used during her encounters with the boy, including one described as a "long wand" with a "brick-type head."

Susan then gave the victim $100 and agreed to help him see his girlfriend. Brock would allow them to have s.e.x in her home, often leaving kits containing condoms and lubricants.

The victim claims she took the young couple to the Chandler mall.  Brock went inside while the two had sex in her car. But Brock also took advantage of the young couple's forbidden relationship, telling the victim she'd help "only if you let me do what I usually do." The victim said she would arrange encounters, allowing the two to have sex in her home and even provided a "kit" that had condoms inside.


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