Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Paranormal activity in the house

A 28-year-old woman in Australia, who cannot be named for legal reasons -- pleaded guilty to five counts of having sexual intercourse with a young person.

Crown Prosecutor Jackie Hartnett told the court in October last year the woman had gone to her stepson's room to discuss his driving lessons. Although the pair had previously had a strained relationship, tickling led to kissing and then to intercourse, the prosecutor said. The following day, the woman's de facto partner set up a video camera in a bid to capture evidence of paranormal activity in the house, but forgot to turn it off.

When he returned from work and reviewed the footage, he saw his son and the woman kissing and cuddling. He questioned his partner, who downplayed the incident but his son confessed that they had sex three times in the preceding days. The man called the police and the woman admitted during a video recorded interview to having sex with the boy twice and admitted knowing he was sixteen.

In the following weeks the woman followed the boy to another part of the state where they had sex several times in a hotel room.

Defence lawyer Steve Chopping said his client has been in a relationship with the boy's father for 11 years and the couple had a young child and the incident had split the couple up.The woman had been under the mistaken impression the age of consent was 16 and was ashamed and embarrassed at her conduct and was working on reconciling with her former partner.

"She accepts this is not a relationship which can or will continue," he told the court.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Women love wrestler boys

The latest incident of a older woman relationship is a 27-year old woman. The woman is accused of Intercourse with a 16-year-old boy. The woman's husband used to be the boy's wrestling coach.

The complaint indicates Lewandowski spoke to him at this match and told him that she and her husband were having marital problems. The two then apparently began messaging each other on Facebook and discussing their lives. The complaint says “the defendant became interested” in (the teen) sexually.”

In March, they began a sexual relationship, and the boy spent about eight nights at Lewandowski's residence; her husband had moved out and was staying with a friend, the boy said she told him. The complaint states, they “began kissing and touching each other and then went to the bedroom where they engaged in sexual intercourse.” This allegedly happened multiple times in the month.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Is this a case of Sugar mama gone wrong ?

The story of a 21-year-old boy, who comfortably rides on a Lexus car worth N4.5 million at Effurun, tells more about a generation needing redemption.

The young man, Mr Tadafe Egwolo, was last Thursday, arrested along with his friend, Mr Kelvin Uvwie, for kidnapping, raping and demanding N10 million ransom from a 53-year-old woman.

Egwolo, whose father hinted that the case between him and the woman, was one of love gone sour, over his unpaid monthly salary arrears. The agreed monthly payment was N150,000, for bringing sexual satisfaction to the woman.

While giving the genesis of the relationship, the gigolo, Egwolo, insisted, “I’m here because of somebody I’ve been dating for one year and eight months. Her name is Jully Momoh (not real name). I’m 25 years old and we met when I paid a visit to PTI. I was wearing dreadlocks then, so she saw me and said that she liked me. She said that I looked handsome and gave me her address, asking me to meet her in her office. Before we started dating, she said she would pay me monthly and since we started dating, we used to meet at different hotels.

“The last sex we had which turned sour, was at Room 602, Casa De Pedro. Sometimes she would pay me between N1, 000 and N2, 000, but she later promised to increase my payment,” he explained.
Egwolo, who claimed to be a Business Administration student at the Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State, said he and his lover agreed on N150, 000 monthly for his services. According to him, the centre could no longer hold when she was not fulfilling her own part of the bargain and was rather promising him to wait till November this year, for his arrears.

Woman held for abuse

A Vinton County woman has been arrested on a 12-count indictment that charges her with sexually abusing a boy under 13. A grand jury indicted Cassandra Holsinger, 28, of McArthur, on Thursday on three counts each of rape, sexual battery, gross sexual imposition and kidnapping.

“The acts this woman is accused of committing are absolutely sickening,” Ohio Attorney General DeWine said. “The suspect was in a position of trust with the child, but thankfully the juvenile was brave enough to tell someone what happened.”

Friday, May 10, 2013

Married teacher received oral in class

A married high school science teacher has been accused of raping one of her male students in a classroom.

Jennifer Vigil is alleged to have locked the doors and told the teen: 'You're not leaving until I get something from you.' The student claimed he refused the 31-year-old's sexual advances, but later agreed to let her perform oral s*x so he could leave.

The teen said he later had s*x with Vigil in the classroom shortly after she had dismissed a class. The student is alleged to have said he found the idea of sex with her as 'disgusting.'

The student allegedly took a picture with his cellphone during the oral s*x  which took place behind the locked classroom door.

Police in Santa Fe, New Mexico, said even if the sex was consensual it was still illegal as Vigil was in a position of authority.

Vigil's page says she was married in July 2009, has taught science at Pojoaque Valley High School in Santa Fe for the last eight years.

According to the criminal complaint, the student who was in her horticulture class said that on March 22 he
met with Vigil after school to turn in an assignment.  He said when he entered the classroom, Vigil locked the doors and said, 'You’re not leaving until I get something from you.'

The student said he asked Vigil what she wanted, and said Vigil said she would help him out if he helped her out adding 'So why don’t you just give (it) to me and I’ll leave.'"  The student said he told Vigil, 'No, that’s disgusting. You’re a teacher.'

He told investigators they argued for several minutes until Vigil agreed to let the student leave in exchange for letting her perform a sex act on him. The student said he thought was the only way to get out of the situation.
The student took a photograph of the sexual encounter on his cellphone, which was identified by the detective as being a picture of Vigil. During her interview with police, Vigil made it clear the teen had initiated the sex.

She gave different dates for the incident to the teen.
Vigil said on April 2 during a lunch break the student dropped off an assignment.
Vigil claimed the student requested she perform oral sex which led to sexual intercourse.
She said that on April 12, the student again requested to have sex with her and she agreed.


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