Thursday, October 31, 2013

Daniel Radcliffe dating older women

Daniel Radcliffe was reportedly spotted kissing and cuddling actress Erin Darke at a film festival in Utah recently. And according to The Sun the pair are serious. A source said: 'Daniel was really taken with Erin on set but is cautious about coming out and saying he’s seeing someone before he knows it’s something special. But he thinks now is the time to go public with the relationship.'

However Daniel was recently spotted and photographed with a different woman. (see picture left) 

Daniel has admitted in the past to losing his virginity at 16 to a much older woman. In a recent interview when asked if he still preferred the 'older type', Radcliffe replied, “It would be hard for me to deny … I have a track record with that.”

Could this mystery woman be the older woman he is dating ?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Husbands cheating with older women

A British research has found that one in twelve married women have dated a man more than fifteen years younger than themselves.

The study wrote that eight per cent of married females have enjoyed getting with a younger man. The most common age gap between cougar women and their love boy toy is five to ten years. 

Would you consider dating an older woman ? Apparently a significant amount of men in the UK have. In fact the study found  57 percent of married men in the UK have admitted conducting an extra-marital affair with a woman older than themselves, while 24 per cent of married men have chosen to date a woman between five and 10 years older.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cougar women found in Asia too

The trend of older women dating younger men probably started in the Western countries such as USA, and UK but now its popping up in Asia as well. A Malaysian news article wrote the following.

There is a growing number of older Malay women who prefer younger men as husbands, and not merely due to their vitality and affection. A report in Metro Ahad highlighted several such marriages which includes a 49-year-old rich widow named Rina who married a man eight years her junior following five marriages with older men.

“A younger husband is more affectionate and coy at times compared to an older husband who is more romantic,” she said. She said a younger husband’s expectations of an older wife were far greater compared to that of a younger wife. “However, it cannot be denied that a younger husband has more power. The ‘service’ they give is very satisfying as they are out to prove their prowess whenever together,” she added.

Veteran actress Rosnah Mat Aris, 58, said that it was “not all good and neither all bad” with regard to a woman having a younger husband who may even be eligible to be the woman’s son due to the huge age gap.

Rosnah, who married 32-year-old Tajul Effendi Isa in November last year, said what was important was for the couple to have sincerity and trust while understanding the objective of getting into such a relationship.

“Irrespective of age, it is the intent of the person that is most important,” she said, adding that older women should beware of younger men who might be only interested in their property and money.


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