Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Married teacher gives phone number to student

Virginia Hinckley a married teacher was arrested Nov. 25, 2015 and pleaded not guilty Dec. 1, according to court records.

The investigation started when a teacher overheard students talking about a possible s.e.x.u.a.l relationship between Hinckley and one of her students — as well as two others, according to a St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office arrest warrant.

The student was interviewed and told investigators Hinckley was his English teacher and he had a flirtatious relationship with her that started early in the school year, according to the arrest warrant. He said he and another student would compliment Hinckley regularly and the other student would “tickle” Hinckley.

The student told investigators the relationship escalated — the two exchanged phone numbers and nude photos — until one afternoon in August when he and Hinckley went to Treaty Park on Wildwood Drive where they had s.e.x.u.a.l intercourse in the back of a vehicle, according to the arrest warrant.

The student told investigators he and Hinckley communicated through text messages for a week after they had s.e.x but then stopped, according to the arrest warrant.

Hinckley told investigators she was aware of the rumors and said they started the previous school year. She described her personality as “bubbly” and said some students perceived that as flirtatious, according to the arrest warrant.

She said the 16-year-old kissed her inside her classroom on an afternoon in August but denied anything happened at Treaty Park, according to the arrest warrant.

Phone records obtained during the investigation showed Hinckley received two calls from the student Aug. 18 — the day of the teen said they had s.e.x — and cellphone towers showed she was in the area of Treaty Park, according to the arrest warrant.

The arrest affidavit adds that when the teen initially asked for Hinckley’s phone number, she said no; but, the following day, he asked again, and she agreed. The two began exchanging text messages, including n.u.d.e photos, according to the student. He said Hinckley sent him photos of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and other body parts.

The student said that about August 18th, he and Hinckley had unprotected s.e.x in the back seat of Hinckley’s vehicle at Treaty Park, on Wildwood Drive. Mobile phone records reveal that later that day, Hinckley sent the student a text message that said, “You better keep your mouth shut about this.”

When Hinckley was asked about photos sent between her and the student, she said she thought he sent her one in his baseball jersey, according to the arrest warrant.

Hinckley was released on $10,000 bail and is awaiting trial.

She started teaching at the high school in August 2013, and Langston said she will be suspended throughout the court proceedings.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Woman does it hundreds of time with male nephew

A 43 year old woman is accused of having s.e.x. with a boy on several occasions between 2007 and 2009 when he was 15 to 16 years old.

According to court documents, the boy told police that while he was in Texas Children's Hospital, she performed a sex act on him. A hospital nurse caught Peggy Phillips in bed with the teen and yelled at her to get out of bed.

Court documents allege Peggy "had s.e.x. with the young boy hundreds of times" while he was in her care. Investigators have not released much information about the case, however the victim appears to have moved from SC to live with his uncle - who Phillips was married to at the time - in Pasadena in the summer of 2008.

According to KHOU, Peggy began the assault on her nephew in 2007 while he was in hospital. However the situation quickly "went south" two weeks after he moved in, the man told police.

The victim said Phillips "had it in her mind" that the two of them were going to be together and that caused the teen to have problems with the husband.

Police believe their twisted relationship continued after the boy moved from SC to live with Phillips and her husband.

The suspect allegedly first assaulted the boy when he was in hospital, local news station KHOU reported. He said Phillips "cuddled" with him, then began to touch him inappropriately.

Court documents state the boy had s.e.x with the woman "hundreds of times after that inside the house".

Phillips is also accused of sending n.a.k.e.d  photos of herself and inappropriate text messages to the teen.

The victim came forward in 2015.


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