Saturday, May 7, 2016

Be quiet or else you could get in trouble

A Pennsylvania, USA woman is going to locked up for having LOUD  S..E..X.. . On March 21, 2016 police were called and responded to reports that the neighbor, 25-year-old Amanda Warfel, was “loudly fornicating and banging around her bedroom to the degree that the "victim’s" dresser and her own bed shook,” according to an the report. Tanya Saylor told police she asked Warfel to quiet down because her teenage daughters had school in the morning, but she said the woman screamed at them through a common wall and became even louder.

The victim Mrs Saylor claims her family put up with the neighbor from hell for two years and “should have started calling the police a year ago.”

Saylor claims Miss Warfel would describe what was happening so loudly her Saylor's daughters could hear. She said she’d hand her daughters headphones to wear as they went to bed. Saylor said “we gave her a full year of trying to do it the right way,” meaning that rather than involve the authorities, she tried talking to Warfel and her grandmother, to no avail.

Things crescendoed in January when Saylor’s eldest daughter needed to spend 10 days isolated in her room following cancer treatment. Miss Warfel behaved like a crazed rabbit having S..e.x. “nonstop, making sure that my daughter heard,” Saylor said.

“They don’t sleep well at night,” said Saylor, who is white but whose husband is black. “There’s constantly inappropriate things that go on in her bedroom.” Saylor said she’s tried talking to Warfel and her grandmother for months about the noise, but she called police after the dispute escalated.


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