Thursday, November 3, 2016

Cougars confessions and letters of true love stories

I'm a 41 year old female who has been married for almost 20 years, have two small children.  My husband has been distant and not interested in me or our children and been doing his own thing.  I felt so lonely and s.e.xually unfullfilled when I met an amazing young man.  He is only 18, but emotionally very mature, tall, dark handsome, an athlete, and he approached me, saying that he had always had a thing for older women.  We had s.e.x once, he was so nervous even though he is experienced s.e.xually.  Now Im in great shape, but I could hardly believe that someone this goodlooking was nervous having s.e.x with me.  He was soo embarrassed that it only lasted about 2 minutes but I reassured him that it was fine.  We stayed in bed for more than two hours, just talking.  It was the most amazing conversation.  I don't know what will happen, he has not been in touch with me, maybe because he feels I wasn't impressed with him s.e.xually.  He gave me the most tender, passionate, deep kiss before he left, but not a word from him in over three weeks.  I should just let it go, but I miss him.

i am a woman age 47 in love with a 26 year old man.  never in my wildest dreams would i have thought this would occur.  i am very conservative and had no intentions of seeing a younger man, let alone consider marrying him.  Well, after he pursued me for over a year I gave in and agreed to date him.  Honestly, he is beautiful; caring, attentive, sweet, kind, hard working and together we work great.  We talk...really talk...he listens as well as remembers.  He has no issues with the age difference...I am the one who held back or wold freeze up in public.  Overtime, I got over it.  That is when our relationship bloomed and after 2 years, we are getting married.  What can i say.  unexpected, wonderful, and we're going for it.  I am unable to have children and he is fine with that.  I'm peaking in my career and he is just starting out...which works for us financially and practically...we joke that while i am carrying the load now he will be supporting me in my retirement. This is the most mature healthy relationship i have had, it feel right, and i would not change a single day. Do what is right in your heart...hey...we're not getting any younger.  ^.^  

I get called a cougar but I've not chased anyone young, they come after me. Everyone I have been out with has never felt young to me. I've always felt like we're just 2 people getting along and having a nice time. And they spoil me :)
My ex was abusive and it was all blamed on his depression. He was often the most childish id**t I have ever known so perhaps I don't notice any signs of immaturity in the men I've seen because they all seem grown up compared to what I am used to?
Every man has the ability to act very un-grown-up so I'm not sure age is always an important measure of maturity. There are 50 year olds who get totally pissed and look the fool and there are 23 year olds who don't even drink alcohol.
The guy I like has a proper job, own house & car etc. He doesn't drink or smoke. He is educated and very witty. He is caring when I have had an upset and very childish (in a nice way) when he is trying to make me laugh. My ex couldn't even get himself out of bed in the morning or hold down a job. This new guy feels more like a mature man to me than my ex who was 15 years older.
I am thinking now that age does not matter apart from the wanting to have children part. Which may be the problem I am facing :( 

I posted some months boyfriend is 28. I am 47. I have thought and thought and thought. I waited a life time for this man. I love his smile, his sense of humor.,..his beautiful blue eyes. No different than I would a man my own age. I've been a man older than I...and you know what?? I was still his mother...not old enough to be his mother....but, had to play the role just the same. As well as being a mother to his children. No more. I will do what makes me happy. I will be with the man that loves ME, and loves my little boy..age be damned. He respects me in a way that no man of my own age ever has. I'll take the stares, and the whispering behind my back. For real's worth it.

I'm a 48 yr young woman in excellent shape most people think I'm 38, he is 26. We have known each other as strictly friends for 3 yrs and we know now that we have always been very attracted to each other (he explains it as weak in the knees or drunk feeling). We did not act on it until 5 months ago because his mom is my sisters best friend and I too am very close to her. I am falling in Love with him!!! I am very torn about this situation on one hand I feel I need to let him go and let him find some young girl to Love, Marry, and have kids with thats only fair right???? On the other hand I want him for the rest of my life to love and cherish. It tears me up daily we are so good together, we make each other happy, we laugh, we act silly, we have deep hours long conversations, we have AMAZING s.e..x.  I understand him he understands me we can be totally honest with each other!! Just not the rest of the world because I am sooooo afraid of losing his mom as a friend and he is afraid of what my family will think of him (mostly my nephew who is only 5 yrs younger and they are good friends too)....I'm so torn I know what I should do but my heart doesn't want to!!! 


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